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At the end of the movie, click on the two tiny tankmen in the bottom right. Then it will take you to the bonus scene.

Hope this helps! Great movie.

That was awesome!

Great animation, and very funny too! I loved the Pokeball part...hehe.

Nice job, I can't wait until part 4!

Nice, haha

I laughed at the same parts I laughed at when you first showed me this...I like it, it's good artwork but at the same time it's pretty funny.

Yeah, so it's a really cool animation but like those other guys said, add a preloader. That way you can pick when to start the movie after it loads...I know NG has a big selection of free ones you can use.

The song fits perfectly...and nice vocals, lol. I look forward to working on that sea monster one...


Neon-Crepth responds:

haha, yeah i knida gave up on the 'making it serious' and just worked on some funny parts. i know, isn't stratovarius awesome, i got lucky and found that on my brother's itunes.
yeah man, the sea monster one will be awesome too, i was working on the vocals a while ago and they aren't matching. one will be distant and the other will be good quality. so we may have to redo them. to anyone who's reading this, the picture on my profile news thing is one of my summer projects and exodus will be helping me with vocals. be sure to check it out!
thanks again, exodus.


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It`s a decent game, but...

You just stole all the sound effects from the copyrighred game Feeding Frenzy and mimicked the gameplay almost exactly.

Fun Game

I enjoyed it, well done!

Nice game

Original and simple

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woop woop

Great mastering, everything flows together just like an AvB song or something.

Awesome, very professional. Where do you plan to go with your music? This is some of the best trance I've ever heard in the audio portal.

Come to the U.S. and get signed or something.

I 5'd your song and its score went down, I'm so sorry ;__; 5.00 / 5.00 (- 0.0000040)


lol you deleted the reviews

Good song overall. The lack of effects was surprisingly effective in getting a raw, ethnic feel across. Good diversity too, no 2 parts of the song are the same. The looping could be a little better, but I love the vocals. Good submittion, the song had a nice foundation through out I never lost interest. 4/5

not a bad demo

cool, good quality instruments, gets the "jumbled yet organized" mood across well. the bass is pretty cool, nice percussion rhythms.

the only thing i might not stay with would be the off key, quiet synth. i dunno, might just be me, but it didn't really sound that great with the rest of the instruments.

keep makin' music!


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